Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month. We hold a "meet and greet" beginning at 6:00pm and the meeting begins officially at 6:30pm at Hillside United Methodist Church in the Fellowship Hall at 4474 Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock GA 30189. When you arrive at NGKG meetings, please be sure to check in and wear your name badge as you enter the meeting. This helps us all to get to know each other, especially with visitors and new members.

April 16, 2015
Annual Competition

Everyone can enter; all skill levels are welcome. Don't be shy!!

Our annual competition will be held at the April meeting this year. Click here for the competition entry form, which includes the 2015 Rules and Categories.

We’ve added a new category this year – Mixed Media. This category includes knitted items that have been felted, or beaded, or crocheted, or any other craft form included.

When you turn in your items, please place them all in one bag and include the completed entry form. The entry form is found at the bottom of the Rules and Categories page (click here). Please select the category of your entry from the list on the attached page. Write the category letter (A,B,C, etc.) in the first column and then write a brief description (10 words or less) of your entry. In the brief description, please include the color and any identifying characteristics.

Your entries are due by April 14, 2015.

Several volunteers will be needed on the night of the competition. Please email the Director of Special Events if you can volunteer for any of the following:

  1. Ballot Counters – these individuals will count the ballots and provide a report on the winners in each category, as well as the Best of Show winner. Four (4) volunteers needed. One volunteer can report the winners to the larger meeting, or give the report to me, and I’ll report.
  2. Table Arrangers – these individuals will arrange the entries on the tables in a pleasing way so that members may see and judge the items. Two (2) volunteers needed.
  3. Crowd Managers – these individuals will ensure that members have ballots and that the appropriate number of people are judging at any given time. In addition, they will deliver the completed ballots to the Ballot Counters. Two (2) volunteers needed.
  4. General Assistance – these individuals will be available if other things are needed. Two (2) volunteers needed.

While you’re waiting to judge, or after you have finished judging, we’ll have a “sit and knit” time. Sandy Huff is organizing some trivia questions during our "sit and knit" time. So brush up on your knitting knowledge and be ready to answer some tricky questions.

So bring your knitting and your friends and join us for a fun evening.

Future Meetings
May 21, 2015

June 18, 2015

July 16, 2015

August 20, 2015

September 17, 2015

October 15, 2015

November 19, 2015

December 17, 2015