Special Events

Get those calendars out. Looks what’s coming our way!

Springtime De-stash/Re-stash Market Day 
Saturday, May 14 11:00am to 3:00pm 
McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church 
4075 Macland Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127 

In support of local fiber artisans, members of the Peach Fuzz Fiber Guild will have a  variety of items on sale for those who love to knit, crochet, weave, spin, tatt, bead,  sew, quilt, needle, felt, and other crafting adventures that involve textiles and the  fiber arts. This includes handcrafted items, yarns (handspun or destashing), tools,  equipment, books, magazines, fabrics- anything related to the fiber arts crafting  world. Finished products will also be on sale. If you are not a member and would like  to rent a sales table, please contact Lisa Leavitt at  


Frayed Knot 10th Anniversary Event 
Classes: Monday, May 16 through Saturday,May 21 
Workshops: Thursday, May 19 through Saturday, May 21 
Retail Market: Saturday, May 21 

The Frayed Knot is having their 10th anniversary in May, and they have a great week  planned for everyone! There will be discounted classes that they are teaching at the  shop all week, and so far they have one fiber artist, Debra Lambert of Picasso’s  Moon https://picassosmoon.com/gallery/ that has committed to teaching workshops  at the event and they have asked others and are waiting for their reply. The  workshops will be held at The Planter’s Inn, and there will be discounted room rates  for the attendees. 

They have created a retail market that is happening on May 21st. They will have  space for locals to set up booths to sell their artwork and goods. The Frayed Knot  will have a booth, and we will be bringing in lots of yarns and fiber that we do not  typically keep on hand in the shop, including silks, hand dyed and unique qualities. They will also have handmade garments and clothing for sale, as well as lots of  notions and bags.   

Blue Ridge Fiber Fest  
Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4  

This area of northwest North Carolina and Southwest Virginia is deeply steeped in  the tradition of the fiber arts. Set among the mountains, just a few miles off the Blue  Ridge Parkway, Sparta offers a small town quaintness, not far from bigger cities and  a more metropolis-like atmosphere. The Mountain Homespun Fiber Guild is a great  support for the fiber fest. The guild provides demonstrations of the fiber arts; runs  the complimentary yarn winding station, and contributes art pieces to raffle off. The  guild generally coordinates the volunteers for the fiber fest and creates hand made  fiber gifts for each vendor and instructors. In 2019, Fiber Friend-zees were given to  each vendor. Each Friend-zee had a word attached that had something to do with  the fiber arts. Patrons (and a lot of kids) hunted the words on their game card, and  when completed, turned it in for an additional door prize ticket. We are always  thankful to the guild for their great support of our festival.  

Featuring classes in:  

Knitting: Expand your knitting skills with these intermediate to advanced classes in  Fair Isle, lace, cables and other techniques. 

Crochet: Learn the basic of making granny squares and then let your imagination  run wild.  

Weaving: Learn to create beautiful fabric on different types of looms.  Felting: Learn to make scarves, hats, gnomes, cats, and dogs! 

Spinning: Learn to create yarn on a drop spindle or wheel and master marled yarn. Dyeing: Explore different techniques for dyeing both fabric and yarn. For more information, click on https://www.blueridgefiberfest.com/travel

World Wide Knit-in Public Day 
Saturday, June 11 

More info coming as the website is updated. 

Beat the Heat  
Saturday, July 16 

We are excited to announce our annual Beat the Heat Retreat! We’re planning a  fun-filled day of sharing food, learning, and creating! 

We will have our techniques table. This is where we focus on a particular nuance to  improve our knitting skills. More information to follow.  

Our craft table will be set and ready for you to make a pom pom or a gnome. 

It’s been my experience, after completing a hat, I’ve often  

thought, “Wouldn’t a pom pom be nice?” We are going to  

learn how to make our own inexpensive faux fur pom poms.  

These pom poms can be made with just around a couple bucks.  For that price, I can even consider whipping one up and adding  it to a charity hat for that teen or woman in need. 

Meet our gnomes. Actually, these are their cousins. 

Our boys are slightly different in appearance. We will  

be using faux fur in place of the yarn pom pom  


More information to come regarding interest in  

registration for one or even both of these classes. 

We can’t leave Beat the Heat without mentioning charity. As you know, it is our  mission to support our local charities, namely: Northside Cancer Center, Cherokee  County Schools, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Knitted Knockers, MUST Ministries,  Local animal rescue organizations, Woodstock Nursing Home, Cherokee County  Veterans, chemo hats, hats, scarves and mittens/gloves for the schools (all ages) and  homeless men, women & children, baby blankets, animal blankets, baby hats of any  color and size, and Knitted Knockers. 

So ladies, let’s get those needles clicking. We are falling behind on our goal while  the needs are great. 

Did I mention food? Yes, absolutely! I love this part. Not only do I get to sample  some wonderful dishes you ladies bring in for our pot luck, but I can usually get the  recipe and add your dish to my family’s meal planning. Can’t beat that! 

text me @ 678-662-5222